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General Information

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General Village Information and Services

 Municipal Building located at 8 E. Main Street


Office Hours: Monday - Friday;  9 AM to 3 PM

Mayor’s Office Hours:  by appointment

Water/Sewer, Tax Collection Hours:  9 AM to 3 PM
April, May, June, October, November
Office phone-(518) 853-4335
Fax-853-4555  TDD (800) 662-1220



Beginning June 1, 2013 Thursdays, for both regular trash and recycling.

For pickup of items other than regular garbage and trash, please call any local refuse removal contractor to make arrangements for time and fee information. Containers should be placed at the curb by 5AM on collection day and removed from the curb by 5 PM. Recycling rules and regulations can be obtained here: To dispose of white goods (appliances),  please call the Village Office to make fee payment and arrange a time for pick up.  Grass and brush collection is every Friday morning, starting at 7 a.m., through the spring, summer, and fall.  



The TOWN and VILLAGE are separate entities.

The following are handled at the TOWN Offices only: Marriage Licenses, Dog Licenses, Hunting/Fishing Licenses, Assessments, Real Property Tax Exemptions

The Town Dog Warden is to be contacted for any dog related problems or concerns. 

The Town Clerk and Tax Assessor are located at the Town of Mohawk Office Building, 2-4 Park Street, Fonda. Hours are 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday thru Friday, Phone 853-3031. Additional information may be found on their website:


Rosalie Quon  518-853-4455 or 518-848-4010




Held on the Second Monday of every month at 6:30PM in the Village Municipal Building and are open to the public. Special meetings are announced in the Recorder. See below " Rules of Procedures at Board Meetings" for more information.



Village elections are held on the Third Tuesday in March every 2 years (even numbered years). There is no Village Registration Day, as the Village follows the Montgomery County Board of Elections Enrollment. Election hours are from Noon to 9PM.



The Village fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31. Tax bills are mailed on June 1 and are payable to the Village Tax Collector during the month of June without penalty. A 5% penalty is added in July and an additional 1% each month thereafter until October. On November 1, all unpaid village taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer for collection. Village taxes may not be paid to the Village Tax Collector after October 31. Please contact the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office (853-8175) for more details.



By Local Law, the Village is a non-assessing unit which means that assessments from the Town Tax Rolls are used for Village Tax purposes. Questions regarding assessments should be addressed to the Town Assessor. (853-1464)



Exemptions are available to Veterans and Senior Citizens meeting certain income level requirements. Questions regarding tax exemptions should be addressed to the Town Assessor. If you are 65 or older, or a qualifying widow(er) 62 or over, and your annual income is less than $17,000, you may qualify for a real property tax exemption under Section 467 of the Real Property Tax Law. To apply, contact your local Town Assessor. Remember, you must apply each year for the exemption to continue. For information on Veterans Exemption, contact your local Veterans Administration Office.




Application forms for handicapped parking permits are available at any municipal office. Certification from your doctor is required either by the doctor's completing the certification on the pre-printed form, or by providing a certification letter on his official stationery, (prescription form acceptable). The letter must be dated, state that the patient is permanently or temporarily disabled, describe the disability and its mobility limitation to the patient. Municipal Issuing Agents are required to issue permits only to qualified applicants according to where they live. Therefore, if you qualify, you may obtain a permit application from the Village Clerk or at  Additional information from NYS DMV regarding parking for people with disabilities can be found here:



Water/Sewer bills are mailed on April 1 and October 1 and cover the prior 6-month period. Meters are read in March and September. Payment for water bills is expected within 30 days without penalty, at which time a 10 % penalty will be applied. Payment for sewer bills is expected within 60 days without penalty, at which time a 5% penalty will be applied. All unpaid water/sewer bills will be held for one year and relevied to Village Property Tax bill. Special written notices will be sent to all persons who have outstanding unpaid bills notifying them of water service shutoff for non-payment of water/sewer rents. A "shutoff charge" will be applied and all unpaid amounts must be paid in full before service can be restored. A property owner who has failed to receive his/her water bill in a timely manner is still responsible for the timely payment of water/sewer rents and any late penalty. An owner of real property has an obligation to be aware of the existence of water meter on his premises and take appropriate action to see that the meter bills are rendered and paid. An implied contract arises between the property owner and the municipality for use of water during the period for which he was not billed and the owner is liable for the unpaid water/sewer rents plus any late penalties.


The water supply to any premises shall not be turned off or turned on (except in case of emergency) at the curb except by an authorized employee of the Village of Fonda DPW. When the water is turned off in case of emergency, the Village Office or DPW must be notified within twenty-four hours.The meters shall remain the property of the Village of Fonda. Any damage to a meter sustained by reasons of carelessness by the owner, or his/her tenants of the premises shall be replaced by the Village of Fonda at the property owner's expense.



Persons desiring new water taps shall apply to the Village Clerk. Requests for same will be forwarded to the Street and Water Commissioner, presented to the Village Board for approval, and advise of actions that need to take place for compliance will be provided.


Billing is semi-annually April and October; More information is contained in the Departments >Water page, menu on the left side margin of this page.

5 year Tax Search Request form
If prepayment is not made at the time of request, an invoice will be forwarded to you, terms =10 days.
General Complaint Form (PDF - 18.2 KB)
Village Voucher (PDF - 18.5 KB)

Each year (at the Annual Organizational Meeting) the schedule of application permits and fees is reviewed and amended as needed.

We hope to maintain an updated version of this schedule here and  elsewhere on this website, however for the most current schedule, please contact the Village Office @ 8 E main St,

or call 518-853-4335

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