Village Of Fonda
Local Waterfront Revitalization Grant

Phase 1

Local Waterfront Revitalization Grant Information

Mid-Montgomery County Local Waterfront Revitalization (LWRP) Plan

Phase 1

In 2003, 4 municipalities joined together to apply for a Local Waterfront Revitalization Planning grant. Local Waterfront grants are sponsored by the Department of State, Division of Coastal Resources and funded by the Environmental Protection Fund. With the Town of Glen acting as the lead municipality, the Towns of Mohawk and Glen and the Villages of Fonda and Fultonville were successful in their application and were awarded $22,000 from the state with the a local match of 50% or $22,000 for a total grant award of $44,000. The County Planning Department was expected to administer the grant and assist in the plan's preparation. Unfortunately, the Planning Department was disbanded late in 2003.

The plan came back to life in late 2006 when Doug Greene was hired as senior planner. Doug became the project manager to administer the grant and oversee the plan's creation. A waterfront Advisory Committee was selected to help guide the plan and a consultant, the Laberge Group was hired to create the actual plan.

Work began in earnest in the spring of 2007 with the major focus of the plan being:

1. Recommendations and projects to Improve access to the Mohawk River

2. Developing strategies for Economic Revitalization within the project area.


First Grant Awarded for the Mid-Montgomery Local Waterfront Revitalization plan in June 2008.

During the final stages of the planning grant, a LWRP implementation grant application was submitted to begin the preliminary stage of creating a new waterfront park at the Fonda Canal Corporation's Region 3 Maintenance Facility. This application was successful and that project is now underway.


July 2015 Application submitted for Phase 2 Projects, successfully awarded funding of a $30,000 matching 50% share grant in December 2017.  Listed as application specifications for Phase 2 include installation of a boat launch, boat dock, car and trailer parking area, landscaping and picnic tables. 

  LWRP Phase 2 drawings





July 2017 Application submitted for Phase 3 Projects, successfully awarded funding of $496,750 from NYS DOS Local Waterfront Revitalization Program AND $30,000 for NYS Canal Corporation Grant Program with additional 'in-kind' locallay provided services estimated at a value of $200,000.  This phase projects include installation of a boat docking system, paved parking lot, construction of a bathroon/laundry/shower facility, an entertainment pavillion, a boat pump out station, park furnishings including benches, grills bike racks, etc.



Other future projects to be considered include:

  • Complete the regional bike trail system
  • Develop a Way-finding System for the Local Waterfront project area with signage for services and amenities
  • Establish a "blueway trail" (signage at other areas that encourage boaters to travel to various points of interest along the waterway)
  • Create an infomative trail guide with information on historical elements and interesting sites within area communities



Old Postcard of River Bridge



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